Creators Worth Watching: Matthias Wandel

There’s a vast empire of creators and makers today that share what they do via online streaming video. The format of short videos sharing builds, how-to’s, and tool reviews is entertaining while also informative. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my favorites in hopes that you too can find a few you like.

Matthias Wandel: Engineering made interesting

Watching Matthias develop ideas and execute is entertaining and validating all at the same time. The thought regularly crosses my mind “Yes! I think that way, too!” when Matthias is divulging his process for solving a problem. His channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and continues to grow, despite the bulk of his start happening when YouTube was a new Google acquisition and there was little competition at the time.

Matthias’s approach to solving problems with engineering is both practical and entertaining. You might find him picking hardwoods out of trash corrals at apartment complexes one day and programming a Raspberry Pi the next. My favorite videos are the ones where he builds his own bandsaw and invents a new woodworking tool called a pantorouter. And yes, I have considered purchasing his plans and building one.

What makes Matthias so incredibly interesting is his straight-forward, no-fuss approach to sharing his knowledge. No music, unnecessary CGI, sponsorships (except that one time with Dewalt that didn’t go so well) or gimmicks. You know what you’re in for within the first 10 seconds. Furthermore, Matthias has mastered the art of long form knowledge sharing through serial shorts on a particular subject – many of which develop over months.






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