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Makers are some of the most interesting people to watch work. The few that make the cut on YouTube tend to go the extra mile with the production of their videos. One of the things that creators discover fast is that there’s an opportunity to tell a story with their videos, which is what makes videos particularly interesting – and challenging.

Enter Chris and his channel Clickspring – a hobbiest clockmaker with a penchant for experimenting with his craft and creating really interesting videos along the way to document the process and share the fruits.

In this series, Chris walks through the making of a very intricate clock.

My fascination with Chris’s work tends towards the craftsmanship and creativity of his process – which he shares openly with each build. The impression that I take away is that the materials he uses – brass in particular – is a very unforgiving and soft medium. To work it into the shapes and purposes it’s to be used for seems to command a high level of patience. Each cut, sand, score, or bore operation is carefully sequenced and executed with grand precision.

The obvious next project for a master clock maker is an Antikythera mechanism replica.

So along with the craft of clock making, Chris is also an avid and talented videographer and editor. Each video on Clickspring is clean and has a high degree of professionalism that draws the viewer in deep into the piece that’s being built.

Before discovering Clickspring, I wasn’t well educated on what clockmaking involved. Now, through watching Chris’s channel, I’ve upped my game a little understanding more of the terminology, methods, and materials used in the ages old craft.

Some of the most compelling videos Chris has produced involve the smithing of his own tools.







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  1. dave Avatar

    I used to follow Chris’ work… .but it looks like he’s abandoned his YouTube followers. He’s not posted anything on that series for over a year now…. and I’m not optimisitic that he’ll post anything anytime soon. It looks like he’s only posting to paid subscribers on his Patreon page
    Oh well…. it’s his page, so he can do what he wants with it. But I think he’s limiting his exposure, and potential followers/ fans/ admirers

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