Clutter and Order

Look around your workspace. What do you see? Clutter? Order?

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Einstein said that.

In today’s world where the vast majority of human knowledge is available to us a few keystrokes and a click away, what if this bit of wisdom is obsolete?

Then again, maybe not.

Clutter often is a sign of chaos in our lives. Chaos can be either good or bad (occasionally, indifferent).

Putting things in order helps us take command of our environment. When we are in charge, we can have confidence.

If we’re not in charge, then what?

We allow the world to happen. We can interact with it. Creativity is spawned.

There’s a time for both.

My desk is a mess most of the time with printouts, notes, ideas, sketches and other things that serve as reminders of what I’ve been working on. If I file it all away, I forget it’s there.

About 1 week out of the month, I clear it all off and go minimalist – computer and coffee cup only.

There’s a time to put it all away. Restore order so you can focus.

The clutter and chaos can be digital too. 100 icons on your desktop might be a sign of activity, progress or even creativity.

You choose when you engage in a clean desk and a cluttered desk.

Choose well and often. You’ll know when it’s time.







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