Photo Oct 04, 8 08 56 AMWe hear ‘disruptive’ in the tech world all the time – companies that bring to market drastic innovations and creations that make obsolete a competitor.

Humans hate disruption. Disruption is inherently chaotic and unsettling, particularly for those benefiting from competing efforts – customers and vendors alike. Successful disrupters can create social and financial stress for individuals and companies heavily invested in the ‘old way’.

Disrupters fail to please their newly obsolescence bound prospects. Easing change is counter to the efforts of disruption. When the disrupter makes life hell for possible customers and competitors stuck on the old way, they’ve done their job.

Being in the cross-hairs of disruption is some people’s worst nightmare. For others, it’s the opportunity they’ve been looking for. Take Uber – they’ve enraged the entire taxi industry, yet have provided an opportunity for anyone with a car looking to earn money (despite how awful their business model is.)

We are wired to inflict and take a great deal of disruption in our lifetimes. Good thing, too, since never in history have disruptions quietly disappeared into non-existence without a fight. Disruptions are by nature in your face and won’t go away. There are three possibilities for facing down a disruption: be the disrupter, the follower or the hold-out.

Which will you choose?






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