IMG_1841We are faced with choices daily. There are often pressures that are put on us to make certain decisions a certain way. It’s not until we have learned the art of assessing the best course of action that we can make really good decisions more often than not. The trouble is, with any artform, is that it’s as much in flux as anything else.

Children who play in open, unregulated spaces are more likely to not experience a broad range of play. It’s more likely they will gravitate towards a single activity that they repeat over and over. Put them in a well appointed playground and you stimulate their decision making as they are forced to look at a variety of different activities and weigh each. In effect, we’re helping teach them to be good at the art of decision.

That’s not to say that wide open spaces aren’t a valuable experience for anyone – including children. There’s a time for experiencing the great outdoors and a time for building our social skill set.

Nobody can claim to make perfect choices all the time. But, the more we refine our skills on making the right choices for ourselves and those who depend on us, the better off we are. We are happier, wealthier and more diversified.







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