In reality, teamwork built this shed.
In reality, teamwork built this shed.

You can do most things on your own. Humans are like that. We learn and adapt to our environment constantly, picking up skills as we go along. But what happens when something needs to be accomplished is simply too much for you to take on alone? Perhaps you don’t have a skill or the project would benefit from the expertise of someone who’s done it a million times before.


Many of us are wired to do it all and not seek help. We are often labeled stubborn. Then, as we develop our skills doing a diverse number of things for ourselves, we graduate to generalists. Those who get really good at serial I-can-do-this-myself become Autodidacts. Teamwork is a term we may find ourselves avoiding.


If you’re on the path to Autodidacticism, ask yourself – how would this benefit from a little help? I built a shed ‘by myself’. In reality, I had help from a cast of accomplished Autodidacts, contractors, architects and tradespeople. They were my team. Teamwork was necessary to pull it off. It would not have been a success without their participation.


There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in a job well done on your own. Sadly, few of those do-it-alone projects actually work out that way. You need teamwork. Remember that Autodidacts don’t conduct ALL of their own research. Many of them have their own teams to draw help from. Who’s on your team?







2 responses to “Teamwork”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Can Youtube be considered a team? 🙂

    1. Greg Avatar

      Absolutely. It’s amazing the power of Youtube and the Internet as a source of knowledge and training – all at our fingertips any time of the day or night.

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