Selective Appreciation

  Occasionally, I find myself listening to Christian Music. It’s not because I’m a devout follower or agree with American Christianity. I have my issues with the religion.

What I love about Christian music is that it universally has a positive message and upbeat candor. I find few other music sources have as much good energy as Christian Contemporary music.

How many things have we dismissed in life due to one little aspect of that thing we didn’t like?

I don’t like that car because it doesn’t have Anti-Lock Breaks.

I won’t eat that food because it has soy in it.

I can’t go skydiving because it’s not guaranteed safe.

We give up a lot of opportunity if we’re too quick to disapprove.

Try finding a positive element before dismissing it.

You won’t be disappointed. If you are, at least you’ll know exactly WHY.







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