Innovations to watch: Rapid Packing Container

One of the things I love about the Internet is the way that it has revolutionized our ability to innovate. Case in point:


Wow. Just wow. I would like to see this product mature into a game changer. I like the overall concept here for a few reasons – first, these two are college students. I rarely see this sort of innovative thinking come out of the majority of college students. This gives me hope that perhaps the American Collegiate system is taking a turn with regards to embracing entrepreneurial education!

Second, I think this product enhancement opens up an important conversation around product innovation – truly nothing is sacred, no matter how insignificant it may seem. The humble cardboard box is a staple tool, used globally and largely accepted as it. Rethinking it means new opportunity and to deliver on modern consumer demands for easier to use, less wasteful and more versatility.

A final thought – the idea that reuse is built into the design is ingenious. So few things produced (technology in particular) feature reuse as a selling point. Perhaps this is the start of something exciting!



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