How many emails to you write per year?

There’s a few depressing numbers each of us will encounter in our lives. The amount of taxes we pay in our lives comes to mind.

What about the number of emails you write in a year?

Mine for the last 12 months: 7500

You read that right. 7500.

That’s right – an average of 30 emails that I write per day (assuming I never take a vacation). I went back and saw that there were days where I wrote 10 emails and then there were days that I wrote over 100.

The question is – with that high number of emails, are we really accomplishing that much with that much communications?

Think about it – if you had written 7500 letters in one year on paper and distributed them, what would that look like? First of all, at current postal rates, you would have spent $3,450 just in postage (WOW!) Second, that many letters would have set you back a lot of paper, ink and envelopes.

I offer not much this blog in terms of deep introspection on this particular issue, except to say that – look at how many emails you send a day. If it’s more than 30, ask yourself – did all of those emails add up to a job done well?






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