South and East Walls Framed

What a day! With the help of my brother Warren, we now have a South and East wall! Since we started the day out without a framing nailgun, the going was slow and I ended up with a few minor blisters on my hand from swinging that hammer.

I made the decision to put a double sill plate in to raise thelevel of the floor up 1.5″ to accommodate rigid foam insulation inside. It’s one of those seemingly minor details that created a bit of extra work, but it was worth it. The good news is that because the whole thing is a square, almost all measurements and cuts were done at whole number or 1/2″ increments.

Even though it’s a “shed”, I still want the whole thing beefed up like a house. Hence, I made all the corners double re-inforced. In the case of the door, I went ahead and made it solid (i.e. 4 studs thick) from the door opening to the corner.

I screwed up a little on the window opening. I wasn’t paying slose enough attention when I was measuring and managed to somehow come up 1 and 1/2″ too narrow for the width. The result was that I didn’t have a stud to support one side of the window box header coming up from the bottom of the frame. My solution was to simply bring down a short stud to the window header and hang the header from that. Oh well. The good news is that the corner is really well supported (way over-engineered) and will have no problem with this slight modification.

I’m hoping the weather holds up tomorrow and I can finish the remaining two walls and maybe – just maybe, get a roof on the whole thing before the rain starts again. I know, wishful thinking. My father was kind enough to loan me his chop saw and framing nail gun, so the the final two walls and roof should go up MUCH faster.






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