Three day weekends make for productive shed building! As I finished up the ground work for the shed, I discovered that there was in fact a 3″ ductile cast iron drain line and not the continuation of a series of cement/clay. Curiously, it didn’t fill with water when it rained, so I’m thinking it’s not connected at the other end that goes under the fence. I will be capping it just in case. The last thing I need is effluent purging under my shed.

The platform is mostly built. There are two joists that still need to be cut and hung. I ran out of Pressure Treated 2×6 material thanks to my mis-counting by one member how much I needed. The rain has been fairly constant over the 3 day weekend, so progress was slow. I also needed some time to recoup.

Recoup from what, you ask? Picking up all the remaining materials for the structure, that’s what!

I rented a U-Haul on Sunday morning and headed out to the local Home Depot and picked up all the remaining materials to get this shed in the air and waterproofed! I didn’t have any help with this trip (that was my own choice – trying to do this all on my own). Well, okay – the nice guys as the Home Depot helped me load up the U-Haul with all the materials. Highlights included:

  • 60 kiln dried 2x4x8’s
  • A 9 lite pre-hung right hand swing exterior door
  • Fascia boards
  • Plexiglas (for clerestories)
  • 10 2x6x10’s for the roof joists
  • Roofing paper, shingles and flashing
  • House wrap

It was a lot. Certainly more than would fit in the little ol’ Prius. Good news is that renting a Uhaul for a day (depending on how many miles you drive it) is only $30-40 (including gas).

This week (weather permitting) I will finish the platform and start to frame up the walls. From the looks of it, Friday is the only day looking up for construction. That doesn’t bode well with my work schedule (which is jam packed busy), but I’ll take what I can get.







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