Mom and Dad want to take Junior to the Pub, too.

Just before my daughter was born, I and my wife were quite the pub patrons. Unfortunately, our neighborhood pubs are not kid friendly. We still believe in this country for some reason that by limiting kids exposure to places where alcohol is consumed we are somehow doing them a favor. That and the drunks like a place where they can hide out and be, well, drunks. Too bad really. Thank goodness for brew-pubs with all-ages sections!
In fact, based on how popular these types of pubs are, I’m actually a bit surprised that there aren’t more around town, particular in our hood. I guess there is one, but it’s right up there on the “Worst Establishments on the West Coast” list.
I won’t name *COUGH Mickey Finns COUGH* any names. Oh, whoopsiedoodle.
It’s actually fun to take the kiddo out to the brew pub. She gets to sleep or hang out with Mom and Dad and we get a (often much needed) beverage and meal before heading back home to tackle laundry or cat boxes or whatever the domestic duty of the day happens to be.






2 responses to “Mom and Dad want to take Junior to the Pub, too.”

  1. gooch Avatar

    I won’t even go to Mickey Finn’s anymore. There’s so many other places… Hopworks and Lucky Lab are the first two off the top of my head. Widmer Gasthaus is a drive but also kid friendly.

  2. Kamalu Avatar

    You are right about M.F… stay away. My wife ticked off a cook there once and she got a raw chicken patty in response. It was if they pulled the patty out of the shrinkwrap & styrofoam and plopped it in the sandwich. Gross.

    Thank God for McMenamins though.

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