Burnout Hobby

Bored? Not me. I'm a student and a workaholic!

One of the things I love about being a full time student while working full time is that I have no excuse to be “bored”. Yep – none at all. I get to have a list of to-do’s that is perpetual.

So how is it then, after the homework is done, the day at the office is over and I have nothing pressing to do that I find myself feeling bored?

Is it procrastination? Is it laziness?

No – it’s burnout. Yep, plain and simple burnout. After a day of doing things I must do, I’m ready to do something I don’t need to do. That usually involves either socializing and patronizing the local pub.

Obviously, that’s not something that I can continue to do forever. After all, I’ve got a child on the way.

So, what does someone who’s burned out do for a hobby?It has to be easy, low or no commitment, fun, inexpensive, easy and have absolutely no ties to work or school.

Gregster, you’re a picky bastard, you know?

Yep, I know. I’m pretty picky. Here’s what I’ve rejected thus far:


God, I am sick of checkers. I’ve already figured out the ultimate strategy in the Checkers game on my iPhone that lets me win every damn time on the “Hardest” setting. Next!


Too difficult. NEXT!


Nice, but I don’t fancy spending $5 every time I want to go up to the community pool here in the neighborhood. Also, swimming is almost too difficult.

Brew Beer

Eh, I can buy beer at the POWER ZONE (i.e. the mini market up the street).


Too easy to lose money. I’m not that great at it. I hate losing.




I guess I’m shit out of luck for a good burnout hobby.

I’m open to suggestions, Internet.








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