Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up the way I did, I’m unfamiliar with the world as it was back in the days that Martin Luther King Jr. was alive. His dream of a “Color Blind” nation is as much of a reality to me as anything.

I pause to reflect today on the progress that has been made in society, not only the great work of Dr. King, but everyone who played a role in forming America into the equal society it is today.

We aren’t done, however. There are still many people in this country that live un-equal lives and are treated as second class. I see a lot of backlash against Mexicans and Asian immigrants – largely because of the reluctance for many of these groups to learn and use our language and adapt to our culture the way so many groups of immigrants before them did.

I imagine an America where this is no longer an issue and there are many faces who all speak the same language and bring to this great country the wealth of their heritage and past.








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