Welcome to GregMoorePDX.com

It’s not every day that people start their own website.

Okay, it is. In fact, people are starting their own websites at an alarming rate. Frankly, I’m not sure where there is merit in this practice. Is anyone reading it? Is anyone reading this? Time will tell.

What is the purpose of this site? Brain dump, mostly. I tend to have ideas and thoughts that I want to share. Perhaps a gallery of photos, a video or a column. Since I lack an editor, there will always be flaws in my posts.

Who is Greg Moore? I’m a IT Director, Geek and Husband among other things. There’s a lot to know about me. Stay tuned for more information about Greg Moore.



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6 responses to “Welcome to GregMoorePDX.com”

  1. Diane Avatar

    Who would’uve thought! Cool blog! I’ll be visiting frequently. Mind if I tell others? {:>)

  2. Joy Avatar

    Very cool, Greg. You did a great job!! I was especially was drooling about the leg of lamb for dinner. Yumm! Hope you two enjoyed the great day. I’ll check back again soon.

  3. Dad/Dale Avatar

    This is great — can I get a quote on pop-up ads for my new teleportation device that runs on distilled/fermented Oregon Grape juice? Mileage is GREAT: 3 AUs (Astronomical Units) per quart of OG fuel! Of course, right now, there are few really worthwhile places to go that are all that far away, but a group of my WEGST (Wild-Eyed Geeky Scientist Types) friends have a couple of new destination resorts in the RFP stages for some nice R&R retreats at the opposing L5 orbital spots. Can you get anyone at SRG interested in some discussions on concepts materials, and maybe a really cool 3D VR fly-through of a model of two?

    On the serious side, this is a fun look into your lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Mom/Dolly Avatar

    I like this! Nice work, son!

  5. Connie Avatar

    Hi Greg, I look forward to reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday@!

  6. wes Avatar

    Hey, nice glasses! The young lady needs a pair. I’ll make you a real deal.

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