Visting the Farm

Alan and Matt's Front yard. Beautiful.

Today, Betsy and I traveled about an hour outside of Portland to visit family in St. Paul, Oregon. If you’re not familiar with the area – it’s largely known to us city folks as the place where the internationally acclaimed St. Paul Rodeo is held every year in July. Yes, this is outside the Metropolitan bubble.

Betsy in front of the farm house.

Our destination? To visit cousin Alan and his partner Matt (who were so gracious to host.) Up from California was uncle Richard and aunt Connie – whom we see perhaps twice a year. We were also visited by a cast of many members of Betsy’s extended family.

An amazing dinner by Chef Matt!

It’s an amazing thing spending time with the family. I can’t emphasize how important family is to Betsy and I. One of the biggest challenges we have in our lives is slowing down to make the time to spend with our loved ones. Full time jobs, outside commitments and life tend to make it far too easy to forget the importance of spending time with those we love.

Matt is quite the Chef. On the menu for lunch: Chicken salad, fruit salad, shrimp, biscuits and potato leek soup – all scratch homemade! It was a perfect meal in a perfect setting. The tables were donned with the most exquisite plates and flatware.

The well decorated living room.
The well decorated livingroom.

We don’t get many opportunities to leave the Metro area. When it happens, it gives Betsy and I a chance to relax and enjoy life at a different pace. Here in the city, it’s all about quick, cheap and disposable. Out here in St. Paul, time moves slower and things are meaningful.

The view from the breakfast nook. We saw sheep, too!
Every farm home has an old fashioned fridge!
Aunt Connie, Aunt Lori and host Alan!
3 Generations of the Wolfe Ladies!






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