8/5/09 – Plubming and finishing

Plumbing is one of those disciplines I have a great deal of intrigue and respect for. The movement of fluids through a structure is one of those things that I think we all take for granted. It wasn’t long ago that indoor plumbing was a luxury for the rich. Today, it’s fairly inexpensive, but still a craft. At this point, most of the plumbing is done. Toilets are in, kitchen sink looks good, faucets have been topped off.

The mechanical guys installed the thermostat. It’s one of those nice programmable ones that can also control the AC (once we’ve installed it). They also wrapped the ductwork in the garage – important for minimal loss of heating as the garage is technically an ‘exposed’ space.

More light fixtures were finished. There are still a few more to go. It’s like most things during the construction process – everything is done about 98% of the way and the remaining 2% is done at the end.

Mirrors are in all the bathrooms (it’s a lot of glass!). While not designer, they are huge.

The towel bars and loops are in. They are nice – simple and “Old Fashioned” feeling.

I’m really impressed that garbage has been diligently been kept in the garage and flushed out nearly nightly.

The fireplace stone work is complete and looks even better than we thought it would when we picked out the materials.






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