8/4/09 – More electrical, plumbing and DATA!!!!

This may be my FAVORITE day yet! The data wiring has been terminated at all locations!! Check out the interesting data panel location in the closet. I know, it’s geeky – but how many people have a CAT5e network going to every room in the house!?

One thing that’s kind of funny, and I won’t make an issue of – I don’t think the electrician understood what I wanted in the screen recess. He installed plugs up there and it appears that one (or both) is controlled by the switch on the wall. This is okay, though. It will probably make the code inspection go quicker. The screen is going to be hard wired. I’ll take advantage of the 3-wires to switch the up/down/common wires (low voltage) and re-wire the whole thing. The important part is that the wiring is in and going to the right places.

The plumbing started today. The sinks are all in (except the kitchen sink – the tile guy isn’t done yet). The water heater showed up and was mostly plumbed in. Looks like they’ll top everything out tomorrow. These guys waste no time! We just love the look of the oil-brushed bronze fixtures that our contractor picked out. They know what look we’re going for.

The shower controls and heads are awesome! Wow!

Tomorrow should see everything plumbing and electrical related being completed.

The lumber for the decking and deck trim was delivered. That should be finished end of the week, too!






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