8/14/09 – Landscaping prep

The landscapers have been busy, putting down fresh soil (I assume full of fertilizer) for the sod to be set on top of. We’re a little concerned that they didn’t quite understand what we wanted in terms of lawn in the front, as the dirt they put down doesn’t cover the entire slope. We’ll see what happens.

The door was painted back to red. It’s a deeper red, which is much better than what it was before. Well done, painters!

A gate was installed on the east side of the house with a nice trellis over the top. The trellis is actually structural. I think it turned out nicely.

Cleaners have been through, too, for a first pass.

The stairs in the garage were built. They mimic the ones outside on the porch. WOW. I didn’t expect this nice of stairs. Very impressed.






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