8/13/09 – More goodness!

It’s getting so close to being done, I can almost taste it!

Okay – here’s the rundown for today:

  1. The Electrician has finished up his topping out (except the fireplace switch – which we just discovered was finished over! Hahah.)
  2. Drywall guys came back to do the first pass on fixing issues – mostly spackling and caulking.
  3. Greg is done with the deck! WOW – it’s amazing. It really makes the house what it is on the outside.
  4. The landscaper finished the ivy removal and planted the 3 flowering pear trees. These are going to be beautiful when they start blooming – white blooms.
  5. The fence is built! It looks really nice. Apparently the neighbor (contractor building a spec house) requested that we build a more modern good-neighbor fence. It’s okay, though I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t consulted. Good thing it turned out nice.






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