8/10/09 – Carpet & Grading

Mmm. The smell of new carpet. It never gets old, quite frankly. If I could pay to have my house re-carpeted every few years, I would. Okay, I know it wouldn’t be sustainable, but come on, it’s a fantasy!

The carpet guys got started, but didn’t make much progress save installing most of the tack strips and padding. 12′ rolls are their standard material dimensions, so they try to cut as big of a swath as possible to minimize the number of required seams. Seams aren’t always noticeable when the carpet is new, but over time, they show themselves and sometimes fail.

The grading in the back yard has been an interesting challenge given the natural slope we have to contend with. At this point, I’ve been successful in coming up with an acceptable compromise between budget, existing conditions and desired outcome. Yes, I’ve got more work to do down the road, but nowhere near the difficulty as it could have been.

It also looks like they’ve put up the forms on the sidewalk for repair.






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