7/9/09 – Cabinets, tile and PAINT!

In 8 days, lots has happened!

The cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room are in. These really turned out well and make a nice contrast, particularly in the kitchen.

The paint is up (most of it – there’s a bit of touchup to do, but that’s to be expected!). It looks really good. We’re feeling good about our choices.

The counters in the bathrooms and laundry room are done. The kitchen is next, I suspect. It looks like most of the tile and slabs are in, too. The backsplashes should start tomorrow.

Where tile will be going down (bathroom floors, shower), there is hardibacker installed. This is what the tile will actually be grouted to.

Last, the siding guy came by and put the vertical slats on the gables! Yippie!






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