7/27/09 – Wally

So, in a sad twist of “I didn’t think of that,” we are ending up with a retaining wall on the narrow side of our lot, constricting passage to about 28″. Sadly, if you change the grade (regardless of if you’re up or down grade), you get to build the retention system. It’s fair, but damn – had I realized we were going to loose 12″, I would have had the house footprint moved 12″ in the other direction. Too late now! The good news is that the fence will be on the neighbors property line. The bad news is that it’s on the neighbors lot and we’re paying to have it built. It’s a strange compromise. Technically, the fence should sit right on the property line, BUT, that would mean attaching it to the retaining wall. This way, we get the maximum use of our property line (and a nifty seat retaining wall we can sit on). I’ve specified a “good neighbor” fence (where the vertical fence board alternate sides of the posts).

The interior trim has been caulked and nail holes filled (something the old house lacked!) The backsplash in the kitchen is mostly done. They will come back at some point and continue it up to the level of the vent hood we’re having installed so it doesn’t look funny.

Our front door arrived. I had picked it out the day I signed papers. It’s red on the other side. Since the contractor already had it and was going to pitch it (another owner didn’t want it and had paid for it already), we struck a deal to take it and in exchange increase the budget on the back door for the french doors. Nice!






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