7/24/09 – Concrete, Finish and Interior Doors!!

The concrete has been poured for the sidewalk, driveway and landing pads for the two sets of stairs. The concrete guys did a great job – I’m really impressed. We immediately carved our initials into a discrete corner of the nearly set-up concrete. 🙂

The trim work and doors are installed! These turned our BETTER than we had hoped for. Betsy got very excited when she saw the installation. It’s pretty dang amazing. I’m particularly taken by the upstairs hallway, as it reminds me quite a bit of my grandfathers old place down on the banks of the Willamette river.

While it’s a little hard to see right now, the mantle and hearth of the fireplace are starting to shape up. I really like how the mantle turned out in particular. It feels very old-fashioned. Very nice.

The base trim is quite nice, too! It gives the house some much needed character. In a few years, Betsy and I may install some crown molding.

All the shelving has been installed in the walk-in closet and is looking fabulous. The whole closet – walls, ceiling and shelving will all be painted white.

The stair railing and banister were also installed. These will be painted white like the trim.

We also picked out light fixtures and appliances. That was a lot of work. There are so many choices. In the end we went with traditional fixtures that are very “old Portland” in character. We were careful to select coordinating fixtures only where necessary. Most fixtures don’t necessarily match, giving the house a more varied feel.

There is some sidewalk on the side that the city has decided needs to be repaired/replaced. I’m not entirely sure how the contractor is going to deal with this, but I suspect it’s just a matter of fixing some broken concrete.






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