7/20/09 – Don’t blink! You’ll miss something!

We took a few days off of updates and lots has happened!

The gravel for the sidewalk was delivered and spread out. The excavator was back to level and grade the driveway, side yard and back yard. The back yard is more difficult than we anticipated. There is a huge tree back there that we can’t disturb the ‘drip line’ around. As a result, there’s currently a big ledge that the excavator carved out when he realized he was hitting roots. This may be the part of the project that I have the most difficulty with.

The counters in the kitchen are moving along. The contractor tells me that they will be able to finish these soon, once the finishers come through and install the casing around the window (the back-splash will butt right against this).

Interior doors have arrived. They’re sitting in the family room at the moment waiting to be installed. We’re really liking our choice on these. They look phenomenal – kind of an old-Portland/Farmhouse look.

The floor tiling has been completely grouted in the bathrooms and utility room.

The master shower is looking amazing – there’s not much left to do. The sub has done an amazing job putting together the whole thing. We had forgotten about the recess for the soap, but were quite pleased when it showed up. What a great touch!

Finish materials have arrived and are stacked in the garage, waiting to be installed.

Last, I came by on the 21st (I think) and took a picture of freshly graded driveway with the forms setup and ready for concrete.






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