6/16/09 – Trellis and More

The trellis over the garage is complete, and boy does it look nice! Not bad, considering all I gave them was a series of photos to work from. 🙂

The electrical pole showed up, too. I suspect they will be connecting to service soon. That has to happen before they can do the drywall, as they will probably run the heater to keep the place warm while the drywall sets.

The remaining hardi-board went up on the covered porch ceiling. It looks really nice. I can’t wait to see those can lights trimmed out.

I had forgotten that they still had a ton of data cabling to run. It’s there now.

The crawl space entrance was now in place, though a little further back than I had hoped.

The big conduit between the ceiling where the projector will go and the wall where the equipment will be is in! It’s a really nice 1″ flex line that’s been run in a very straight path. They still have some speaker wire to run to junction boxes in the ceiling still.

I have to say, I’m still proud that I’ve got 3 data ports and a power outlet in the closet of my office! Yippie! Home server, here we come!

The second shower head is in, too! This way, Betsy (who likes really hot showers) can have it her way and I (who prefer cold showers) can have it my way. The controls are on one side. I suspect that will become her side of the shower. 🙂






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