6/03/09 – Holy Progress, Batman!

More excitement today! We took a few days off of updating. I met with most of the sub-contractors yesterday and went over details on HVAC and Electrical mostly. It was fast paced and intense. Should be getting $’s back from the contractor in the next few days on how much OVER budget everything I want to do is.

  • The plumbing is done! It’s being pressure/leak tested.
  • Gas plumbing is done and being tested, too.
  • Roofing is up! All roof surfaces are now ready to go.
  • Garage door is in. It’s a really nice insulated model.
  • French doors were delivered, but not installed.
  • Fireplace was installed. Nice!
  • Crawlspace opening cut.
  • Vents downstairs mounted to the floor.
  • Vent system installed in the upstairs.
  • Ducts and vent stacks for the bathrooms and laundry room installed.
  • Dryer vent installed.
  • Air return installed (upstairs!)
  • Skylights installed
  • Railing fixed where the banister will go.

All in all, they should be able to close up the house tomorrow.






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