5/20/09 – Second Story

We took a few days off while I was out of town from taking pictures. Here’s what’s changed in a week.


The downstairs walls are sheeted on the exterior in their entirety, though the framer still has a few window holes (known as ‘Fenestrations’ in the ‘biz) to cut (structure is there, but the sheeting just goes up quicker if you cover everything and then cut out holes).

Upstairs is a bit dangerous at the moment – no upper railing has been framed yet and there are some areas that haven’t been sheeted over yet. You can start to see the beginnings of some rooms.

The wrap-around porch is starting to take shape, too. I didn’t realize how MASSIVE the structure was intended to be. Those are some incredibly large pressure treated posts. Now, I have to admit – I’m not crazy about the posts sitting directly on top of the concrete pads – I would much rather they were elevated and held by some sort of galvanized hardware, but I don’t think they were thinking about that when they poured the pads. Pressure treated wood is an amazing thing. I doubt it will have any issues in this installation method.






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