4/29/09 – Forming the Foundation!

The wraps came off the footing (only 24 hrs to set? Wow!) New forms went up for the actual foundation.

Several new pads (for the posts holding up the beams in the first floor) and some grading work on the driveway have been done. The grading in the driveway shows the elevation that can be expected for the garage pad, too.

This is a good point where the house starts to get real. The foundataion starts to form the vertical pieces of the structure that define it’s volume. It’s a trick the human mind plays on itself. I’m sure there’s plenty of Harvard-quality research on it out there, but my take on it is that most people aren’t trained on visualizing things volumetricly. Looking at the isometric view of a plan doesn’t tell the story of the volume. Unless you have to-scale elevations to compare with, you don’t get a sense of the overall size of what the finished building will be.






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