Every year at this time, I dig up, replay and over-analyze the many things that have transpired over the past year.

My foray into the caverns of memories brings forth a dizzying array of pleasant memories. Top of the list are: Time spent with my daughter and my wife. Many a successful event where friends and family congregated for food, beverage and company. Successes at work. Progress on side projects. Growth of those around me. Opportunities.

In all, I love what 2015 has been. The dive into my memory bank is a rewarding one.

That’s not to say it was all brilliant. Indeed, there were enough craptastic events to fill a book (or two). Things set me back at times, consuming my resources and draining my spirits. Every single set back presented me with an opportunity, however. I took advantage of many opportunities which rose up from the ashes of defeat. Not a regret was had.

Looking ahead, 2016 will not begin with declarations of ‘the year to finally do something I always wanted’ or as a platform for relaunching my brand or to reinvent my purpose. It’s not a milestone that I worked towards or a deadline that loomed.

2016 is merely the continuation of my life’s work.







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