Professional Services Portfolio

Consulting Services Offerings

With the help of my executive team, direct reports, graphics and web team – we developed a series of professional services offerings tailored to address common customers requests. These services were and continue to be promoted by Newforma Sales and Account Management.

Replicated File System Best Practices White Paper

To help customers select and implement complementary technologies, Professional Services developed a white paper to address to outline the process and requirements. The best practice oriented white paper provided a framework for configuration to set customers up for success. This is particularly necessary in the case of Replicated File Systems, as the Newforma PIM solution was only tested against two of the most expensive options available on the market at the time and only for this specific configuration and use case.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Through an extensive collaboration with Sales, Account Management, Product Management, Support and Engineering – I lead the development of a Merger and Acquisition service. The service helped customers through the process of combining multiple companies into a single environment. Initially, this took considerable Engineering involvement (over 40 hours on each engagement). Working with Engineering and Product Design, we created a utility that was baked into the product for our Technical Consultants to use to merge systems. This service was delivered many times over during a significant time of industry consolidation.