About Greg

I’m a technology nut. So much so that I’ve spent over 20 years bringing technology to businesses. Today, I focus on helping my customers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry implement the best software available for managing the industry workload – Newforma Project Center.

I have an extensive background in many things: Computer Science, Finance, Business Process, Culinary Arts, Graphic Arts, Web Design, Auto Mechanics, Architecture, Landscape Design and Physics to name a few. While I have these extensive backgrounds, I am first and foremost a Generalist.

My goal and focus in life is to help others realize their dreams and potential – both personally and professionally.

This website was started as a place for me to share with you, the reader, all things interesting and unique on all different subjects. There’s not one single theme to this site. That would be boring and cliche. Instead, I bring together all things that I am passionate about.

Thanks for stopping by!

Greg Moore

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